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How to meal plan with Pinterest

February 23, 2017
how to meal plan with pinterest

How I meal plan with my Pinterest boards:

If you’re like me you have hundreds if not thousands of beautiful photographs of meals and creations that you would like to try. The problem is they get buried and we never go back to actually create the recipe or we forget about what we had saved.

What I’ve been doing recently as I have a singular board for meals “A Weekly Plan” and I’m going to make that week and that is what I build my grocery list on.  It allows me to stay focused on the five or six things that I truly wanted to test out and I also know I have the ingredients to make all of these creations.

After we have tested the recipe we will then move it over into a board that says Tried It and Liked It  or family favorites. No more looking around for recipes that I found but then couldn’t relocate or recipes I know we liked but I’d forgotten the title.

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