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What I learned from my DPOR Violation

July 18, 2017

I have received my first DPOR violation in real estate just look up Alison Creamer – Complaints on DPOR website.

File #2017-0142  

DPOR Alison Creamer

DPOR Alison Creamer

DPOR Alison Creamer

DPOR Alison Creamer

DPOR Alison Creamer

$700 Fine $150 Board cost = Total $850 fine and within 6 months must complete 3 hours Continuing Education.

Mistake #1 Never swap out a check from one form to another.  Notify all parties.

Mistake #2 If your company is not holding the earnest money check then extend allow time for delivery or get it to the company within 1 business day.

I own this mistake and have learned from it.  I have paid the fine and taken the Continuing Education class.  REALTORS® Make sure you are holding the right kind of earnest money check you don’t want this to cost you like it has me.

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James Walrod – Veterans United Home Loans

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