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Episode 46: Mark Knopp Virginia Beach Photographer

October 17, 2017
mark knopp virginia beach photographer

Episode 46:  Mark Knopp – Virginia Beach Photographer

Officially been a photographer for 30 years but started when he was 8 years old when his parents gave him a Polaroid camera for Christmas.  He took a photography course in high school and saw a print and knew it would be his life.

He loves how photography brings the artistic side and seeing the vision…seeing things that most people don’t see.

Mark Knopp is Virginia Beach Portrait photographer who loves the interaction between the 2 people.  Capturing people being themselves – the fun, the intimacy, the seriousness, etc.

He is also a photography teacher at Virginia Art Institute of Virginia Beach since 2008 and wants to inspire others to become better photographers.  There is no such thing as too young or too old to learn photography.

Mark Knopp is 6ft4 and spends a lot of time on the ground to change the point of view.  So sometimes that means laying on the ground to change the perspective.

You should hire a professional photographer to capture those landmark moments to  experience remember forever.  Photos are still key to our existence and proof that we have been here and have lived.  It brings us back to that moment.  Photography isn’t going away.

People need prints.  There is still something magical about having a print.  Get the prints done.

Contact Mark and set an appointment and talk to him about what you are trying to accomplish and to feel comfortable with him.  What kind of images are you looking for?  Locations?  Moods?  Set date and time.  He will photograph your session and edit the photographs.  The client gets to decide which one they prefer to be kept and shared.  Mark Knopp is YOUR photographer.

Mark Knopp Photography

Mark Knopp Boudoir Photography

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