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EPISODE 43: Do you want to be a Secret Hopper

August 21, 2017
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EPISODE 43: Andrew Coplon – Secret Hopper

Mystery shopper business for Craft Breweries opened just 3 months ago.  With over 5500 craft breweries across they United States they knew they had a niche.  They want to use Secret Hopper to help breweries concentrate on the overall customer service experience.

secret hopper

How does it work?

Secret Hopper provides specialized feedback with a 25 point questionnaire that concentrates on atmosphere and customer service not just the beer.

They send 4 secret undercover beer drinkers a month to the brewery and they have no idea when they will be coming.  The brewery selects the exact type of customer they are looking for to do the mystery review.  All the feedback and reviews are kept private unless they get permission to make public.  However, Secret Hoppers want to share success stories!

  1. Brewery selects their target client
  2. Secret hoppers experience the beer/atmosphere at the brewery.  They are instructed to order a flight of beer and a pint of beer
  3. Secret hoppers report back to them
  4. Feedback is given to the brewery

Breweries can apply to have their place secret hopped.  They currently have 22 clients across the United States since they opened a couple months ago.  There are currently 1500 secret hoppers across the U.S. and if you are interested in being a secret hopper you can apply online on their website.


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