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What is the difference between Home Insurance and Home Warranty

May 2, 2017
HMS Home Warranty

What is the difference between home insurance and a home warranty? 

Homeowners insurance covers the home and your belongings.  It will usually cover living expenses if you can’t live in your home while it is being repaired after an insured disaster.

A home warranty covers the mechanical parts of the home – plumbing, electrical, appliances and HVAC.

A benefit of having a home warranty is the vendors are already vetted and HMS National has over 40,000 network providers to choose from.  This is a great benefit for someone who has just relocated and doesn’t know who to contact for a home repair.

Who qualifies to purchase a home warranty?  If you are selling your home you can purchase one and then have it transferred to the buyer.  Buyers can purchase and it covers the 1st year.  New Construction homes can be covered for 2-4 years.  And any homeowner can purchase a home warranty.  There is also a renewal option if you wish to keep your warranty.

If you have further questions about home warranties or would like a quote contact Amy Holloway (757) 472-5602 or

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