karla grase conversations with creamer
Artist Business Podcast

Episode 44: Karla Grase

August 30, 2017

Episode 44: Karla Grase – The Band Mprov Karla Grase has been singing since she was about 8 years old and started out in her church youth choir.  She has been writing songs since she was 11…

andrew coplon secret hopper podcast cover
Business Podcast

EPISODE 43: Do you want to be a Secret Hopper

August 21, 2017

EPISODE 43: Andrew Coplon – Secret Hopper Mystery shopper business for Craft Breweries opened just 3 months ago.  With over 5500 craft breweries across they United States they knew they had a niche.  They want to…

alex whiteside podcast
Artist Podcast

Whiteside Interiors and Whiteside Art Studios

July 14, 2017

Whiteside Interiors and Whiteside Art Studios is owned by husband and wife team Jimi and Alex Whiteside.  They specialize in fine arts through interior design.  Jimi and Alex offer commission fine art, murals, art shows, and…

lezandra photography
Business Podcast

LeZandra Boudoir Photography

June 25, 2017

LeZandra Boudoir Photography is located in Norfolk, VA. LeZandra had originally went to college to be a sex therapist.  But after living in Hawaii for awhile she started taking photography and then picked up an interest…

james walrod veterans united home loans
Mortgages Podcast Real Estate

Another benefit of the VA Mortgage

May 30, 2017

Benefit of the VA Mortgage – James Walrod NMLS ID# 260324 Veterans United Home Loans James Walrod Residential Mortgage Loan Originator since 2006 is this week’s podcast guest. He shares a story of how a couple had just…

tribute mural sam welty
Artist Business Non-Profit Podcast

Sam Welty: Tribute Mural

May 26, 2017

Sam Welty local artist is taking on a huge project at the oceanfront!  He is painting a mural on the block of 19th & Pacific at the Virginia Beach oceanfront called “A Tribute to American Heroes”.  It is…


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