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Artist Stacie Coplon

March 9, 2017
stacie coplon

Stacie Coplon – 27 year old local artist from Norfolk, Virginia

This is something after my own heart – art!  Stacie started to paint when she was 16 years old when her grandfather gave her a 10 year old paint set.  She fell in love with the texture.  She is an abstract painter and loves using rich colors like orange, blues and red.  She paints with emotion and loves to paint animals.

Stacie realized in her early 20’s that she had so much art and decided to start sharing her art with friends and co-workers.  Then someone told her to start selling her art on Etsy and she opened her own online shop.

She prefers to sell her art in person at local exhibitions.  She is usually very shy and by selling her art online and in person it is helping grow her confidence.   She prefers to engage and have that conversation around all of her art with her customers.

artist stacie coplon

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