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Another benefit of the VA Mortgage

May 30, 2017
james walrod veterans united home loans

Benefit of the VA Mortgage – James Walrod NMLS ID# 260324 Veterans United Home Loans James Walrod Residential Mortgage Loan Originator since 2006 is this week’s podcast guest. He shares a story of how a couple had just had a child and was looking to move into a safer and more family friendly neighborhood and wanted to close in 30 days.  However, they had 4 months left on their lease and couldn’t afford to pay a new mortgage payments and their rent. When they found a home they wanted to buy they asked the seller to pay the closing costs and also an additional 4% of the purchase price to be used to help buy them out of their lease.  The seller was motivated and had equity to assist the couple and they were able to close with little money down thanks to the VA mortgage! For more benefits and qualification of getting a VA mortgage contact James Walrod at Veterans United Home Loans. james walrod veterans united Conversations With Creamer is pleased to partner with companies that offer great services! When you take advantage of the services of any of the shows sponsors or partners you are supporting our show! James Walrod – Veterans United Home Loans Naoma Doriguzzi – Social Media Consulting

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