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Adam Morgan: Millennial Planning Group

March 23, 2017
adam morgan financial planner
Show notes for Adam Morgan podcast: Millennial Planning Group


What started your journey?  I had just graduated college, I knew I didn’t want to work for anyone else and I love helping people solve problems. With those things combined, financial planning seemed to be the perfect fit and since I was already broke, I was completely fine starting my own business (I figured it couldn’t get any worse)


How long did it take for you to “master it ,or make income” The longer I’m in the industry the more I realize I don’t know so I would never consider myself a master.  That being said, I would say that I was profitable by year 2 (I worked 50-60 hours in this alone year one and made 26 k)


Did you ever want to give up? Did I get stressed, absolutely. Did I dread some days and the monumental amount of work, Yep. That being said, for some reason I was never at a point where I said I don’t want to do this. I genuinely love what I do and know the benefit it brings to people.


Tell me a story of success, failure or learning curve that you felt to valuable to you.  I had a client I was trying to work with that many other advisors add told me would never do business with me.  We had a few meetings and I realized that everyone had been trying to tell him what he needed versus asking him what he wanted and why.  As those conversations progressed I was able to make some recommendations about strategies and subsequent products that finally made sense to him and he implemented.  It turned out to be a great client.  Additionally, helped solidify to me early in my career that what I provide is not a need but a want.  The more I understand what people want, the better I can convey how the strategies I recommend provide that and ultimately I have a much better opportunity of gaining a new long-term client.


How did you overcome failure to push on?  To me, you only fail when you stop trying.  There are a lot of things I am, but a quitter isn’t one.  Instead of looking at things I did that didn’t work as failure, I looked at them as opportunities to learn and expand my capabilities.  After enough of those, the only thing left is the things that actually work!


What is one thing you would share for someone wanting to get into the business or seeking out a passion and growing with it?  No matter how hard you think it is going to be, it will be much, much harder.  To do this business the right way, takes time, energy, and emotional fortitude.  I believe that if you don’t truly get jazzed up about helping others, there is no way you can be successful long term (success is a subjective term we can discuss my philosophies on that in more detail at another time).


What kind of experience will someone have when working with you? Hopefully a great one! First and formost, we are a planning firm focused on having a solid strategy.  For someone to even start the process of working with us, we are going to have an introductory meeting to make sure we are in alignment.  I have found that if people understand our philosophy, agree with it, and want to use it to build their strategy,  we are an amazing fit.  If they do not agree with our philosophy or are looking for more of a transactional relationship, we aren’t a good fit and its better not to even start down the path together.


Adam Morgan: 
Office (757) 498-5700
Cell (757) 641-8164


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